Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Day in Hong Kong under Camera

There was a big protest against goverment in Hong Kong yesterday
Times square became Hogward


  1. Spookya! Katsoin eilen Harry Potterin uusimman leffan ja olin ihan Tylypahka fiiliksissä.
    We are connected somehow? Koska.. no... scray. :D

  2. wow, lovely fotos! I really like tha retro stlye and the sepia colours! Must be an awesome life in hong Kong, ne??

    Greets from your new reader XDD

  3. aww niceeee fotos :D i hope i can see this event 2 in hong kong *-* ~ it must be awesome to see times square became to hogward

  4. wow nice photo ♥
    follow back my blog
    thanks before :)

  5. wow, you are really taking beautiful pictures and i like your way of dressing like a doll!!!

  6. Penni Blood: hih no juu joku connection taitaa meillä olla <3 Mut joko sen näit? :O tääl on ensi ilta vast 14 päivä T_T can't wait to see it...

    Thanh Thao: Glad to hear that~<3 well it's pretty intresting living in this crazy city :D

    yuki: haha yes, I was so surprised suddenly there were so many harry potter things all around Times square :D

    ಇ miharu ಇ: Thanks <3 I will check out your blog ^^

    Nagareboshi: Thanks <3 I'm looking forward your posting from Tokyo too :D

    melsa: Thank you :D <3 <3

  7. Adoro Hong Kong!Fantásticas fotos! I like your post!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  8. Wow, this Harry Potter stuff is so great *__*
    I watched all the movies and read the books


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