Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding Party

.. we went to the ceremony and party. It reminded a lot western wedding, just the menu had shark soup and other chinese dishes. Here is some pictures of the party, enjoy ^^
They've got nice wedding pictures
Bride had so many beautiful dresses, she changed it 4 times during the wedding party.. not only bride but her  mother as well..Surprising :)
They look so happy together!
here you can see the fourth dress bride was wearing..
 Next to the wedding place there was this famous restaurant called Jumbo. It's really just a tourist attraction.


  1. omg what a huge and beautiful wedding!! (*_*)
    the bride looks sooo beautiful and you too^^

  2. You look soooo pretty! Really nice outfit for a wedding! And the bride is just! And so many beautiful dresses! Really love it! *__* And the wedding cake...oh my... :DDD

  3. that pink dress is gorgeous on you!

  4. so cute!! *w*
    I love your dress and you hair *.*
    Thanks for comment my blog ;)

  5. Shou-chan: Yeah there were so many people in to this wedding! Very nice (and really the bride had 4 wedding dresses during night, she was always so pretty <3 )

    Natalie: thanks ^^,yeah, many people had so beautiful dresses in there! But one surprising thing was, that some girls came to there wearing only normal t-shirt and jeans, what a contrast! ^^;

    From Broadway: Thanks <3 I really love pink!!

    Miu-chan: Thank you <3 <3 ^^

  6. You look like a barbie gal!! I love your hair! Is that real? Very pretty!! definitely gotta follow youuu!! <3 Visit my blog if you have time ;) xoxx~

  7. haha thank you <3 well there's much extension in that hair ^^; my own hair is long too, but not enough, so I love extension! Your blog is great, I've been actualling reading it for a quite a while already <3

  8. Oh still pretty! Is that your natural hair color? I been wanting that color for a long time, I just dunno how to get it ;)

  9. Jendee: When I was a child it used to be my real colour, but when i grow up, the hair got darker.. so it's more like ground grey now =_=; (Normal finnish hair colour xD ) But I always colour my hair in a salon.. But if you blonde your hair just use the silver shampoo much, it will become/stay light :D

  10. Oh, your hair is beautiful!
    Your dress beautiful too.
    I love your blog, and follow u!

  11. You looked so gorgeous with that party dress! loved it! and the bride was so beautiful too ^^

  12. Thanks for the comment. I love your blog as well. Would you like to follow each other? :D

  13. Debs: Thank you very much <3 ^^ I'll try my best to make an intresting posts from now on ^^

    Shibuya109: Thanks <3 yeah the bride was really gorgeous! ^^

    Kristina: Sure, your blog is cute and you are good writer :D Looking forward your next posting~ ^^

  14. Wonderful dress, you look lovely! You have a great blog, I lived in Tokyo for a year so its lovely to see all the places I loved and to be reminded of how cool Japan is! :D

  15. Vähän sääli että on niin länkkärihäät, mut kauniin näköiset juhlat silti.

    Mitä kakkua hääpari oikein leikkaa, jos toi miljoonakerroksinen kakku oli varsinainen hääkakku? (Ruoka vaan mielessä täälläkin :P)

  16. Kim: Thank you very much <3 ^^ Ohh you used to live in Tokyo as well?? Tokyo is awesome, really really love that place! ^^

    Sini: No mut oli sentää hai soppaa ja muita äyriäisiä, ja pari sano kiinaks tahdon xD mut joo ois ollu hauskempi nähä kunnon perinteiset kiina häät. mut hää pari leikkas oikeestaan kahta eri kakkuu, juhlan alkuvaihees pienempää ja sit totakin viel. :D

    Min Er 敏 儿: Thanks <3 <3

  17. Awesome dress! ^_^ You look amazing as always!!!

  18. Woow your look it's so pretty...!!!

    I love your dress and hair...<3

    Honkong must be more nice... I envy you! :'(

    I follow you ^^

  19. Natascha: hehe thanks ^_^

    Burun*: Thank you~<3 <3
    Yeah, Hong Kong is pretty nice (Tokyo is still the best ;) )

  20. Oh wow! The bride is so pretty! *___*
    And the cake looks sooo good! I get hungry xD (lunch break is near~~~)

    I love your dress! It's really perfect for a wedding. You look sooo great!


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