Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today's Outfit

Went today to culture center... there were some exhibition of chinese Opera
In chinese Opera, they have this kind of lovely make up and outfits! would like to see one opera in a real stage... (dunno it must be expensive though....
..Then visited Liz Lisa store!! Here's shopwindow!!I want these !
Walked outside for 9 hours today... Time really flies in Hong Kong... I was trying to find a dress for a wedding party i will go this friday... but my budget is too low...so didn't find yet nice cheap one... Will keep searching tmr ^^  had delicious instant noodle meal today... (not too healthy but nice ;p )


  1. Waaah, really like your outfits! *__* I like the yellow dress, it's su cute! And the headband is so cuuuute, like it!
    And yummy food *__*
    Wow, the opera make-up is so extraordinary but also beautiful! Like it!


  2. Omg!!
    You are sooo beautiful!
    I love this hair!!
    This isn't you real hair, right? Where did you buy this Clipins? O_O

  3. Natalie: Thanks! ^^ Really love second hand stores coz can find these nice clothes :D Yeah, the opera make up is too extraordinary, looks very chinese!!

    July: thanks <3 Yeah it's hair extensions, I have pretty many different kind of clips,extensions I like to use! ^^ It's bought in a stand market here in hong kong... But they sell pretty good products, it's possible to use iron to curl etc those extensions.

  4. nice blog !! ^^ where are you come from??
    Reply to my blog =P http://reikaa93.blogspot.com

  5. The opera make-up is really amazingly pretty! I like it a lot!

    And the Liz Lisa clothes are sooo cute and girly!


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