Saturday, June 4, 2011

LingonBerries & Office lady style with an unoffical materials

Made this bracelet and named it Lingonberry
Sailor moon hair(again) with an unoffical ofisu rediー (office lady) style
I bought this tricot skirt the other day, and this white shirt as well
 two ways of wearing it:
For a little bit different look with a same clothes could use this shirt under the skirt since the tricot skirt is pretty long
Or outside the skirt


  1. your hair is so long and pretty! it reminds me of sailor moon <3 haha~ I love the look (: black and white is always good together~

  2. Rakastan tyyliäsi.
    Olet kuin suoraan jostain japanilaisesta muotilehdestä! <3
    Ps. Hiuksesi ovat myös ihanat

  3. mimi: Thank you <3 (well my hair is that long thanks to extensions ^^; Yeah, black and white is always safety choice to wear!

    October ja Wave: Kiitos kommentista <3 japsi muoti on aina suurin inspiroija pukeutumisessa ^^

  4. You look really like an office lady! Pretty!
    I like that your shoes have such a strong color. A great eye-catcher!


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