Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Japanese Fashion in Hong Kong STYLE

Japanese brands, magazines and fashion is so popular here in Hong Kong... However, the street view never reminds me of Shibuya in here.... I'll give you an example from a flyer of a shop selling japanese brand clothes... Can you see the Hong Kong influence in these???
So different atmosphere than in japan with same brands.


  1. Cute!! love the outfit!!! Very pretty!~ Hong Kong sells more affordable clothes than Japan =))

  2. these pictures are great! :)

  3. Jendee: That's true, the quality and looks so similar to japanese (even with Hong Kong brands) But so much cheaper <3

    Mai Linh: Happy if you like those!

  4. Love your outfit !
    They are beautiful !

    Bisou :)

  5. It's really a different feeling than the japanese flyers and magazines... but I can't explain that.

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