Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hong Kong Street Fashion at a Glance

Yesterday a long time decided to take some pictures of a nice outfits I see in the streets everyday here in Hong Kong. The Street view is pretty different from Tokyo, even though young people here loves japanese fashion. (You can buy very many japanese brands here as well; for example Liz Lisa, Cecil mc Bee etc...)
Even though there's no other place in the world like Harajuku...Still There's many colourful, cute and stylish people here!!
This black skirt is what I've talked about my last entry, so many girls in here use the kind of tricot skirt combined with many kind of tops, or even as a one piece.
Mini shorts are everywhere
Cute long flower dress, white boots and a dolly hat combined with adorable huge brown bag.
This stylish girl was actually from Vancouver visiting her cousin in Hong Kong
She had a super cute decorated phone

Tsumori Chisato's shopwindow
There's few cute clothes from her collection. You can check more bout it in her website


  1. wow!
    looks kind of different compared with japan but still great!
    i like te style of big cities <3
    thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  2. thanks for sharing the pics! :3
    the outfits are really cool! my fav outfit is the 1st one :D


  3. Wow, that's so cute! *__*
    Haha, the boys look so nerdy but also so stylish! haha, love it :D The girl from vancouver looks so nice!

  4. I'm glad if you liked it ^^ Wanna post more street snaps from here later on <3

  5. I like the huge brown bag. So cute how the little pretty girl is wearing it.


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