Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fools Marriage

Otaku fashion
 Today went to a place called Stanley, saw many couples taking wedding pictures in there, watched also hk movie about poor married couple...(Which reminds to never get married.. lol) The movies name is "Marriage with fool" if somebody wanna watch it. Was so hot day AGAIN (airconditioner is my best friend usually in the summers of concrete jungles)
Beautiful place, the atmosphere were very europian in there
Made this Bracelet from swarovski crystals and glass pearls as well
Random cute building
0,50 euro's Ice Drink from 7eleven! Cheap and big!
In Stanley, there is super cheap market area full of all souvenir stuff (surprise there's Dragon again attracting tourists)
chinese obaachan doing her job

Night view of Stanley's harbour or beach... Dunno how do you call it :D


  1. Thank you for following my blog!

    Your pictures are stunning, and I really look forward to read your blog too :D

  2. ah i've been there~ your pictures are way better than the ones i have lol!
    you look so adorable! i love your hair ^^

  3. MLFA~~: Thank you ^^

    emi: Thanks! It's very pretty place isn't it! Do you come often to Hong Kong? ^^

  4. You look so pretty! (: Cute nerdy glasses & gorgeous hair. Haha, I've seen that dress at F21 before.

    I'd love to visit Tokyo someday!

  5. cute blog! i will follow you <3
    and i really love your hair in this entry!!
    how did you do that? i want same hairstyle like youuu :)

  6. Thank you for your comment ♥
    i like your hairstyl c :

  7. Tiffo: Thanks! hehe, I can't ever leave from forever 21 without buying anything ^^; Annd yes, Tokyo is awesome city! You should really visit there someday <3

    みえーちゃん : Thank you <3 That hairstyle includes a lot of exctensions :D I use two kind of clip exctensions (always when I have enough time to put them on)

    Sasu: Thanks <3 <3 ^^

  8. Tervetuloa vaan lukijaksi! :D
    Aloin seuraamaan sunkin blogia, koska tää vaikuttaa mielenkiintoiselta! '3'

  9. You look so cute and great in this pictures!
    The bag is very pretty!


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