Monday, June 6, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival 2011

I heard that this Dragon boat competition got started by a story in history. There was this bad king and war, king's most loyal counsellor, who couldn't take it anymore, made a suicide in the river. But he was a good man, many people thought public people started to look for his body so that they could bury him. So they made triangle shaped rice balls so that fishes would eat those instead of the body, and dragon boats were made for keeping the fishes away. (hmm not very nice story... lol)

Anyway, Today was a chinese national holiday, and a offical date for dragon boat championship. We went to the beach in Stanley to see the boats and funny dressed people. Was super hot day, got melted and burned by sun... Still the atmosphere in the festival was very nice. Many cheerful people all around enjoying summer, and competition. Expect that I were fighting with my bf whole day, was nice expirience.

This kind of cute Dragon boats
One group had an angel devil theme and funny make up like this
One group wore Panda hats
Heavy metal ballerinas?
she had a cute Panda hat as well
Street fashion in Stanley
Every group has a drum and a drummer in the boat
The happening were for whole family, from kids to....
dogs... everybody were enjoying the sunny day
hmmm... Men like this with fluffy mini skirts... I have no words to describe lol
Pinky group prepairing for the competition
Dragon ball? group also prepairing


  1. Oot niin ihanan kalpea ja kaunis<3 Upea kroppa! Ja hei, tuol oli varmaan tosi hauskaa!

  2. Woooow! I wish I would be there, too! I love it! ♥ And so many people!! Wow... Niiiice!
    And your bikini is so cute, love it!

  3. Wow looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Also I really admire your hair! It's so perfect!


  4. Leena: hih kiitti,, ei kyl kovin biitsi kuntonen olo viel.. (liikaa mässäilyä talven pimeimpinä hetkinä) mut joo tosi hauska festari, olis varmaa viel kivempi jos osallistuis johonki tiimii ja pääsis itekki veneilemään :D

    japanese wife: thank you <3

    Natalie: Thanks^^ If you'll visit Hong Kong in a summer someday really recommend this festival <3

    Emy: Thanks <3 yeah, it was very funny, people were so good mood there :D

  5. So many funny costumes and hats! Looks really like everybody was happy~

  6. You are so beautiful! Were you here on june 23rd for dragon boats?


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