Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colorful Day

This shirt is from a lovely japanese brand INGI, Skirt from somewhere Takeshita street Harajuku
bracelets fromH&M


  1. ohmygod! i love your cute red skirt <3
    matches you really well!
    and can i ask you where you bought your extensions? or you went to a hairdresser? because i want to have pigtails? like you!! i love them on all of your pictures ;)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! <33

    You are SUPER ADORABLE *___* I love your outfit, super cute and dolly ^__^& oh my gosh, your hair is soo loooong and gorgeous :D

  3. Ihanuus mitä graffitei... Ja sie olet "cute as a button".
    Näitä siun kuvia on niin ihanuus katsella. Kun nyt ei ain tulis niin hirmu ikävä. ;)
    Onko tuo laukku muuten uusi vai se minkä löysit kirppikselt? :)

  4. Thank you for your comment !
    You look SO CUTE !!!! Damn !! You looke like a DOLL ! <3 <3

  5. Hi Dear. O u look so cute! I love it ^^ * hearts*

    Thanks for visiting my blog~. & following!!! <3 <3 I”m following back ^_^ !

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. Cute cute look, I love your skirt!! :D

  7. みえーちゃん: Thanks, I really like polka dots and red at the moment, and have them together even better <3 :D These extensions are bought here in Hong Kong, It's a small shop selling wigs, and extnsions... pretty cheap ones, but the quality is enough good to use hair irons. Is so small, they don't have any homepage unfortunately :(

    Katie: Thank you <3 ^^ well, my own hair is pretty long too, but in this pictures i'm using extensions :)

    Penni: Hih, juu tuo laukku on kirppikselt <3 kova ikävä :( Miten kesä sujuu siellä? Töitä tehdessä?

    Japanese wife: Thanks <3 <3

    Minna: hehe, thank you <3 ^^ (there's new comments waiting you ;) )

    HitomiNeko: aww thanks <3 Glad if you like it! ^^ Looking forward your next post too! :D

    Kim: yay, thanks ^^

  8. You look sooo cute! *__* Really love your skirt! ♥

  9. omg!!!you´re very sweet!!you look like a doll *__* i´m in love with your hair!!!
    I follow you :D you´re so cute

  10. Really cute look! ^^ your soooo pretty! ^-^

  11. Yey!
    Thanks for your comment ^^

    Nice outfit :D and you are really pretty ;)

  12. Thank you everybody <3 <3 So happy if you liked it ^_^/

  13. Lovely photos!! :)

  14. :O !!
    You're really cute!!
    I'm sure all asian boys fall in love with you :P
    And this outfit really fits you! ;D

  15. Ah! You're wearing the red skirt again! It's my favourite on you! <3
    You can wear red really good!

    The outfit is so well combined... really pretty!


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