Friday, June 3, 2011

Captain Kati Marshmallow

 For me, one boom has last over a year already, which is pretty surprising... I'm talking bout sailor fashion... Still love blue&red stripes combined with white, anchors, sailor collar etc,,,,
So Today I went to shopping with the outfit inspired by .... Pirates? .

 Todays Shoppings: ( Well, only few of them, bought also one black dress.. which is pretty brave... And black tight skirt as well... It seems to be fashion in Hong Kong....I'll show you later.


  1. hey i'd like the photos
    i'll wait you :)

  2. Ohhh, you are so cute! Thank you very much for your comment! Read in your profile that you were in Tokyo for one year - awesome! And now in Hong Kong, so cooool! *__*
    You really are cute, love your hair! Nice photos!

  3. aww I love your outfit! soo cute! *_*
    you lived in Tokyo for one year and now in HK? soo cool!!!



  4. Thank you guys <3 <3 He he yes, instead of staying in Finland, I just wanna expirience life in asia.. It's so different here :D

  5. I like the earrings a lot!
    And your hair accessoire is very cool too!


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