Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue House

 The Blue house is an old scary building located in Wan Chai....Went to check it out today...  it has a long history.. It used to be a chinese hospital in a year 1872... Later on there's been living for example famous kung fu master and another people too.. Pretty cool place... just couldn't go inside coz it's under recontruction...Well probably by watching these pictures you can imagine old stories what might have been happened in this creepy house..

Todays fashion; shorts from Gina Tricot, t-shirt small cheap store in hk, shoes spiritstore, braces from a second hand store in finland, bag Lindex Finland

 There is also Yellow house and Orange house in the area.

 Just next to Blue house there are these modern big buildings..
 I've seen this kind of super small shrines?? in the streets everywhere... It's always in front of house or shop for bringing a good luck or protect the place.

This building is under recontruction... so it's surrounded by Bamboo
 Near the Blue House, went to see small Fine Art Gallery


  1. wow! it looks really so interesting!
    i like old buildings! thank you for these pictures!
    but this old hostpital house looks really kind of scary :D but cool!

    i love your hair! haha but i guess you know it already ;)
    have a nice day <3

  2. Awesome pictures!! ♥ It looks so interesting...!

  3. the old colourful buildings are amazing. I really like the age and character they have. your hair looks amazing and so does your outfit!

  4. It's a scary house but also very interesting. Reminds me a bit of the house "Tacheles" in Berlin. A lot of artist from all over the world sell their paintings or whatever there. It's really nearly a ruin and at the weekend there are big and fantastic partys. Full of crazy art/punk/whatever people.


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