Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 READERS and 100 random Facts about me

Since I have many new readers, Already 100 ^^ Thank you guys for reading my blog!! <3 <3 I'll do my best to write about intresting things from now on :D well many my new readers don't know much about me, so I decided to do this 100 random facts about me thing....Haha read  if you are bored or have free time :D

1. I admire people with cool style(black&leopard print or smth), but end up to buy always something pink or cute...(read:pink,ribbons, lace, baby doll collars)
2. I was bullyed in the school for many years. My friend group was called "The Monsters"
3.Ginga Nakareboshi Gin, (Silver Fang, Hopeanuoli) Is a first anime I've ever seen, and because of that I started to love Japan
4. I don't like reading, always just watching pictures
5. When I was 13, i used to be HipHopper wearing mens hiphop clothes ( probably that's why I love everything girly now ;p)
6. Thing I miss most in Finland is probably Fazer chocolate
7. I wanna sit down in Metro in Tokyo when I'm 70 years old, being calm in my heart and having a smile in my face
8. I'm so addicted to fake Eyelashes. Love them, collect them!
9. For me Japan is lifestyle, the biggest inspiration in the world and Tokyo is more like a  Lover than a city
10. I still didn't decide if I will stay in Hong Kong
11. I've been interviewed for finnish local magazine coz I collect plastic dogs. have 1000 of them in my room in Finland (it started when I was a kid and loved the silver fang anime)
12. When I was cosplaying first time in Harajuku, I had so embarashing wannabe Lolita dress and unmatcing ribbon in my head
13. Only lessons I've ever been intresting in high school or elementary school was art lessons..
14. I graduated clothing school in Salon seudun ammattiopisto Finland.. So now I'm clothing artisan
15. I hate being jobless and schoolless having an long holiday coz I left Japan
16. In the future I'm gonna have my own store in Helsinki and sell something cute(have actually better ideas bout that but gotta still think about it)
17. I'm gonna have JLPT2  next christmas or july 2012
18. I really think the bird which brings babies to their parents, dropped me to in wrong country (that's y I borned in sunday?? and the bird was in hangover.........
19. really wanna look like asian. Love asian, so beautiful people <3
20. Always when I'm in Finland, I watch Lost in translation like million times coz I miss Japan
21. I used to love finnish rock bands( Negative, Uniklubi, Bloodpit... etc when I was in High school)
22. Used to have black hair and ugly black make up all over my eyes at that time too
23. Really love fairytales... Like Grimm brothers stories or Disney movies
24. Nana manga/anime has touched my life much when I was in an high school
25. I got a great birthday present from my godmother when I was turning 17, she brought me and my sister to LONDON to see Hansons live concert (Hanson was so big love when I was a kid)
26. If I would have a deathnote, I would become Kira
27. Everything Pink, shiny and cute just makes my eyes relax
28. I'm not sure what is my original haircolour anymore, coz I've coloured it since I was 14
29. I can't sleep alone
30. I always spend too much money.. always living over my budgets =_=
31. I've been doing many unwanted jobs for collecting money; like greenhouse,  selling phone contracts through phone, taking weeds away in the gardens
32. I worked 8 months in a japanese restaurant in Tokyo (making okonomiyaki and yakisoba etc entertaining my customers
34. I'm allergic to mosquitos and really hate them
35. I used to love J-rock visual kei bands, and used to spend all my money during japan travels for goin to concerts
36. I think generally Korea has the best looking guys in the world <3
37.I don't like to watch horror movies coz I'll think about the movie for a next weeks and be paranoid
38. I love sweets but try to not eat them too much (torture)
39. Only sport I really like is Dancing
40. samba and belly dance were my hobbies in high school
41. since I was 3 years old my parents put me to dance finnish national dances,,, and I quit the hobby as soon as I was enough old to decide my hobbies by myself
42. Used to play drums and take drum lessons when I was in an elementary school (only because my sister was doing it too
43. It really makes me happy to stay in a big city and breath air in asia
44. Most annoying thing in Hong Kong is that people in the streets really don't care anybody else than themselves
45. In Japan there is so many Namba, (bad guys trying to hit you on the street) But instead of that in Hong Kong tourists(mostly mainland) or local girls ask me for a photo almost every day (if I have make up and hair on LOL)
46. I don't really like seafood.....
47. I really got a finnish taste in food... Meatballs and smashed potato is YUMMY!
48. I love sewing, drawing and designing clothes, but I'm always lazy to get started with it
49. I made so many jewelleries I was goin to sell.. But started to use all of them =_= And now gotta make new ones for selling...
50. There is so many things I don't like about my looks or myself and I'm sure it's some trauma from being bullyed before
51. I admire beautiful people and always try to develope myself with new clothes and make up things etc
52. I'm really slave of commercials, If I see some great product in tv, magazine etc, I'll probably buy it straight away and try it only coz of the commercial
53. I dream about that I could pack my life in an one luggage so it would be easier to travel and move around from place to place (it's impossible coz I have tons of clothes and everything =_=;
54. I always do what my heart tells me to, not my brain... and it's not very good (for example even without money or anything if I wanna be somewhere or meet somebody, I will really do so.
55. I have an huge airplane phobia. Always so scared and sure that the airplane gonna fall or smth... (but it's the only way get to Japan easily ;p
56. Marilyn Monroe and Scarlet Johansson are my Idols
57. I love Gyaru fashion, and gyaru models but I'm not gyaru
58. really wanna use circle lenses but my eyes don't like it (hurt) So I'll go on with my own eyes...
59. I like to anime Cosplay especially In Japan it was so much fun
60. If I would win a million euro, I would FIRST: study aboard in any famous school; then travel around the world and buy everything I want
61. I often feel like a Giant foreigner in asia... (same like elephant in an poslin store)
62. I always sing anime songs in Karaoke (even I didn't see any anime for a looong long time)
63. I always wanna improve and learn new skills (but i'm an lazy student)
64. I hope one day I can have an converstation with Cantonese
65. My old friend described my character; Humble and heart bleeding
66. I've lost something precious in my life and learned from it
67. I love Marilyn Monroe and her ideas/quotes
68. I really think girls are lucky to have a chance to marry millionaire
69. I've been hanging around with friend boys more than friend girls in an past year so my view of life has changed ;p
70. I cry very easily and often
71. I admire people who can be positive even in an bad times
72. Living aboard in an asia is curing my soul, coz people here actually likes me and treat me nice
73. I'm so silent in a group of strangers, but with my good friends I can't stop talking
74. I wanna be more open minded
75. If I was an animal I would be fox
76. while staying alone aboard I really miss my family; but I can over come it by thinking this is for my dreams
78. I always carry my good luck charm which I bought in a temple in Kanagawa; the real priest made some magic on it
79. I love to watch sad drama and cry a lot
80. The name of the blog; Cloying Snowflower means kind of me.. Like Snowflower symbolize Finland the cold dark country..... So I'm FInland foster... And Cloying means like too Cool, or over Sweet, disgustingly sweet (For staying in Finland) ;D
81. When I was kid everybody used to call me Kati... so like very close persons calls me with that name, and it makes me feel happy.
82. I hate cold and winter... It not only kills my skin (Too dry) also kills my inspiration :(
83. I scare needles, like the ones doctors use.... Always feeling like fainting when I go to  blood test
84. I don't like to swallow big Pills... Like painkillers etc... I always make it smaller and to many pieces before drinking it...
85. Always wanted to have an blue eyes! (mine's brown....)
86. If I'm bored, I start to entertain myself and laugh for stupid things and remind like drunken person...
87. I don't like alcohol (Even Kahlua milk nowadays)
88. I like to clean the house wearing Maid costume (from you are my master)

90. I don't think Hong Kongs night life is very intresting, there's no any good events etc
91. I always Dream high and Big things
92. When I was in an elementary school I wanted to be psychologist when I'm adult.. But later on I realized I don't wanna be with depressed people the rest of my life, so I decided to become Fashion Designer ;p
93. I just Love Art, love to go graduate students exhibitions... mostly love japanese students works
94. Design Festa is one of my favorite Happening in Tokyo every year. It's just wonderful,inspirating and spectacular! next time I wanna participiate :D
95. I used to go Tokyo Decadance always when they organized it, and used to hang around in Harajuku every sunday with my japanese cosplay friends.
96. Did Free Hugs in Shibuya and Harajuku (and noticed that the main persons doin it weekly are little bit weird..)
97. I don't learn my lesson easily...
98. My brain works nice, If something bad happens, I forget about it quite fast
99. I always worry about people I care about... Maybe I'm over worrying everything always
100. I think the hottest man in the world are  jung yong hwa, Matsumoto Jun and Gerard Butler

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Japanese Fashion in Hong Kong STYLE

Japanese brands, magazines and fashion is so popular here in Hong Kong... However, the street view never reminds me of Shibuya in here.... I'll give you an example from a flyer of a shop selling japanese brand clothes... Can you see the Hong Kong influence in these???
So different atmosphere than in japan with same brands.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the BEACH!!

Went to the beach near Stanley with my bf the same day as my previous post... Was fun, there were not too many people (which was nice) but it was super hot,,,, I managed to burn myself :/

the dress is from forever 21(bought like 1 year ago..) Hat Shibuya 109, jewelleries self-made
was so surprised, from this whole in the sand, small Crab were peeking us...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chinese Splash

Yesterday Went to Beach!! Next to the Beach there were this Lovely chinese Temple full of colorful statues;
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