Monday, May 23, 2011

Shoppingu and Handmade Cuties!

Walked from Tsim Sha Tsui To Mong Kok.......And on the way, found so many shopping paradises :O
But I was brave enough to hold my wallet, so bought only one thing I've wanted for long, and which is quite needed for walking around streets of Hong Kong... What I'm talking bout you'll see in later post...

 In one funny shopping centre, the stairs down from the travel bag section looked like the ones in airport :)
 There were so many cute travelbags! With Stich and other lovely characters... Even Moomin!

 Then This is my new favorite Shopping Centre! Many floors full of cute stuff... And handmade stuff... Reminded me of Tokyo's Design Festa! Lovely!
 This Jewellery Designer had many cute Ideas!

 Even the Toilet were Cool xD Just lovely atmosphere in whole centre!
 This is Cashier in one store, just behind the huge Skull there's table the other side!
Pink and shiny stores ^^

 Outside found many small cheap clothe stores... I fell in Love with this "NANA", but the clothes were not too cheap there, just regular prices... But cute flower prints! Wanna buy!!
 Then one shopping centre is called Laforet (like in Harajuku) As well! They are even selling some japanese brands! (like quite many places in Hong Kong)

 Toilets r cute as well xD

Also Today I Went first time to chinese Temple in hk... It was so different than japanese one... Unfortunately wasn't allowed to take pictures inside...

 And To the end, picture of Today's Spring Rolls to wake up your appetite!


  1. Taitaa olla niin etä pitää lähteä sinne lohikäärmemaahan kanssa sinua tapaamaan! Ihana paikka! Kuvien perusteella ainakin ;) - ikävissään oleva matkalaukku stichi <3

  2. tulehan <3 tulkaa porukalla, eroaa japsilasta aikas lailla :D mut varmasti nähtävän arvoinen mesta!! Ikävä <3 löysin siul kampaajankin täält, on valokuva näytän myöh ;D

  3. The travelbags and suitcases are sooo cute! I'm searching for a cute one since one year or so. Because my old one is slowly dying... but I never found such as cute as these in your pictures!


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