Friday, May 20, 2011

Peak & Hot Dogs

Yesterday I saw a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in the movie theater... It was not too good or intresting movie... But at least Jack Sparrow is always charming...

 anyway, went to the Peak, place in the mountain which has cool view of HK.

On the top of this you can see the best view!!

Up in the mountain there is shopping centre too!

 And had HOT DOG in Ikea......They selled meat balls as well, but in a box without any potato, just 5 piece of meat balls... I found it weird =_=
 Also I had a EYE ball soup.......

 And few pretty Skycapers on the way home...


  1. Mäkin olen menos huomen kattomaan sen pirates 4:n :P Yhtä suuret odotukset ku punahilkasta :D

  2. No itte asiassa silt leffalt ei kannata oottaa ees nii pal ku punahilkalt =_=;

  3. Miten oikeassa olitkaan.



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