Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dragons and Kiss of the Paradaise!

I arrived back to Hong Kong last sunday... Aiming to stay here till end of the september...
I'm really starting to fall in Love with this place already! Today I went to Sham Shui Po, place where were fabric stores all over, cheap fabrics, and also pearl stores, cheap clothes stores and everything I'm into! :D
These cuties i bought today!

And this kind of streets are full of fabric stores!
I'm so exctied! Unfortunately went there a bit too late, stores were closing already,,, so planning to go back there very soon!!

Anyway,It's Super hot in here, today was 30 degrees.... But the wheather was still not too killing, nice wind was blowing almost whole day!(it's killing only night times while u trying to sleep...) near the fabric streets, there was also market which is selling all electronics!
 And these lovely old buildings you can find all over hk, but in Sham Shui Po, there were really many..

 And There was a shopping place called Dragon centre!Soo cute and chinese... Nice place with many floors full of clothes stores, shoes, make up etc! Pretty cheap too!! ;D (I'm gonna lose all my money here =_=;)

In a Time square, there is also one cute sheet metal Dragon

Had this delicious bread in a food corner of Dragon centre!

Anyway, for this lovely sunny day, had to go to harbour to see the big buildings once again... The view looks always as amazing... 

Clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui

Harbour building

This ferry goes between the river from otherside(Central or Wan Chai) to a place called Tsim Sha Tsui, where is the famous view of hk

You can find so many brand stores in Tsim Sha Tsui (haha sorry for repeating that name, i'm just trying to remember how to spell it xD
 Few more funny things: In the chinese restaurants, you have to wash your own dishes before you start to eat.... So they bring you hot water and bowl, and you wash chopsticks,  cup and so on in the table xD

Well we were actually washing the dishes with tea water..... It was surprising..
 Then I saw this weird guy carrying two bird in their cages in the city.. the birds were making so much noise under those covers...
 Ok Thank you and Good night from Hong Kong for Today...... hk kiittää ja kumartaa :D


  1. Ihanuus!
    Melkeest tahtoo lähtee sin. :)

    Näyttää ihanilt nuo kadut ja talot.. mutta kummalline tuo ravintola juttu. Miksi? Ei ymmärrä... :)

  2. Koitan sytyttää teil matka kuumetta, jospas innostuttekin tulemaan tänne :D

    mut joo... ne pestään kai siks et ite voi olla varma siit et astiat on puhtaat ... ^^;

  3. Wow, so many stored for pearls and fabrics!

    Really very different views of Hong Kong in this post. Looks so interesting!


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