Thursday, May 26, 2011

Care Bears and Animal Bags

 I Had my first Cantonese lesson yesterday... were practising pronunciation and getting some material for studing... But since I have lesson only once a week gotta still find a school for everyday... ^^;

Anyway, Hong Kong always manage to Surprise me... Yesterday I were walking around a place called Central.... There were escalator going up to the mountain... (not till the top though lol) On the way, there were many bars markets and shops full of everything! (as always)

 I'm wearing Uniqlos t-shirt from Care Bear series, you can check out more bout those cute prints here

Found an angry Hello Kitty....

And instead of happy hour, one bar had sad hour

Cute animal bags

Bunny bags

1 comment:

  1. Your shirt is so cute! *__*
    Love it!

    And the sad hour xD So funny and creative!


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