Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Home, Finland

I've been in Finland already a month.... It's been great to spend time with all dear ones.. <3 And now we even  finally got a SPRING to this snowland... It's been so warm ppl already wear t-shirt outside! Happy!!

Anyway, we made a small travel to sweden by cruiser.. with my family and my cousines family... Here's some pictures of that and the DraG Queen show there was!! haha

 Everybody were enjoying Sunny Day!............
 ....................... Even this super cute DOG!

 And finally, the Drag queens,, who were actually pretty good!! So funny huomour when they imitated all stars.. Madonna, Cher, christina Aquilera,, etc etc
 And ofcourse Lady GAGA!!

 (guess which song........ lol)
 The next day they had performance imitating all the finnish stars....... LOL
 And since this Weekend was easter, We had this delicious Easter Dinner in my Grandmothers place!! So finnish meal <3


  1. Muistatko mikä sen drag-kaksikon nimi oli? Musta tuntuu et oon nähny ne pari vuotta sit naisday-messuilla :D Ainakin... Linda(?) viuluineen näyttää tutulta. Jos ne on ne, niin ne tosiaan oli mahtavia.

  2. Ah! The show looks really like a lot of fun!

    And the food looks delicious!


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