Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspiring Old Buildings In Japan

I love old ugly creepy buildings! I think Tokyo is a city of million stories.. By watching all of those houses I can't describe how much emotions it brings up in me. I can imagine some happy, sad, scary, neutral, dramatic tradegies by million buildings all around.

We made a small trip to a city called Kawagoe. Kawagoe has little bit some atmosphere of Kyoto, just it's much more cheaper to go there and very near Tokyo. There is some feelings I got from there:
 And the travel around Kawagoe was to begin...

Can't you just imagine some creepy person standing there and looking from the window!!

Just love all the small details and gardens the houses has

Pretty creepy, this warning of ghosts were in Temples garden...

 Then In a one small Temple, there was a wedding..... Have a small Video of that too.. So silent and mysterious atmosphere in this wedding, it's just traditional style japanese wedding though..
This wedding guest had just super cute hairstyle!! had to post the picture of that <3


  1. Creeeepyyy~
    Muttan ihania nuo katulamppulyhdyt tuolla sänkölinjaviidakon keskellä :D

  2. hih creepyä juu.. Mut mie rakastan noit roikkuvii sähkölinjoi!

  3. Harmistus vuohistus... Tuonne haluan: Hiihiihiii... Jahtaamaan haamuja hautausmaille ja temppeleille. ;P

  4. Some houses are really creepy! But they really tell a story. I think of the people who may have lived in this houses... it's pretty interesting.

    So ghist warning at the temple is creepy too! As a kid I would cry and never go there (and as an adult maybe too... haha).


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