Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing to do thursday

Yesterday i met this two super cute girls walking on the way from shibuya to harajuku
I really wanna buy this adorable dress from ZARA! saw it in shibuya!
style of the day lol
delicious salad on the italian restaurant in I-Land Shinjuku
Yesterday i had no plans,, so after doing my hippie hair and glue tsukematsuke, i took train to Shibuya, enjoyed watching stylish people, bought some Pop sisters in book off and walked to Harajuku.. In the harajuku i went to Daiso, 100 yen shop to buy many things for kitchen! wanna decorate my kitchen more cute!


  1. Lets go shopping together when I am in Tokyo!!!

  2. The Zara dress is amazing! I often like the clothes in Zara!

    I like your style for the day. Your hair looks cute and the skirt is pretty~


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