Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Home !!

Time has passed by fast... but finally we have been kind of settling down in our new apartment. Yesterday we bought even oven here!! well there's still many things i would love to do to decorate it and made it more homey, but have to do it slowly... coz I could use a fortune for interior.. but since i can't work yet and i have no money gotta do it later... that's why i just have to be content by reading these lovely magazines with perfect rooms!!

 well this is our room straight after moving,, so messy with all of the moving boxes....

 Haha, we were super tired after moving even the moving company helped us, but they were super late =_=
 Ah and by the way it's been snowing pretty much this year in Tokyo...
 Now i finally have my small kitchen and luckily electronic stove <3 so happy bout it!!
 Good smells for closet and toilet

 Oh i found this body mist yesterday!! it smells peach <3

Anyway no matter how much i love pink,, i dun't live alone so can't make this place totally pink paradise xD


  1. KAWAIIIIIIII! Ihana asunto teil. Ja ihania päiväpeitteit ja keittiöit ja nuo ruusu matot- ottaisin heti <3 :DD mahtavaa

  2. hih dankke, saispa nuo kaikki ihanuudet noist lehdist <3 <3

  3. Hieno kämppä, mutta huh miten pieni keittiö! (nimim. "mistä näitä astioita oikein tulee??") Toi keittolevy on kyllä superhieno :D

    Voin kyllä niin nähdä, että sulla on kaikki noi hörhelöhelmaiset sohvat ja prinsessavuoteet joku päivä :D

  4. Ah! So cute rooms! Like for princesses!

    I moved to Berlin for my job. It was so hard T_T I was really very tired!


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