Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little bit Fashion from Tokyo

isn't the girl on the right one of the popteen models??
I met all of this stylish ppl in the harajuku, it was same day than Tokyo girls collection fashion show, probably these girls were there. I really wanted to go too, but it was too expensive for my budget :(  Well next time i'll go for sure!!
same day than tokyo girls collection was held, there were some demonstration in harajuku too..
Nothing much happened lately, i will get my visa result in one month and then start school finally.. till that i'll just continue this long spring holiday.

I've been shopping a bit... bought this blue skirt,,, and few more clothes <3 ah i love japanese shops... could buy almost all of them empty...

Well today i had to go japanese hospital again.. this hospital is really familiar to me already =_=; from now on till one month i gonna be so unstylish with these medicines i got.... ahh,, all because of three months ago i felt down in the icy road in finland... my back still swollen... =_=;


  1. I hope you feel better soon! ^_^

  2. Eikö sun selkä oo vieläkään parantunu?? Onnistuitkin kaatumaan oikeen perusteellisesti :(

    Tykkään ton yhen työhaalari-lookista :D I <3 hitsaus :P

  3. Ah, when I was a kid i fell down very bad too...


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