Thursday, March 24, 2011

HOng KOnG Part1: Nightview and food!!

 Hong Kong is really beautiful city... the night view is unbelievable amazing... Im not sure how to describe hons kong.. but it reminds me of Disney land really much... Every night at 8 pm there is a laser show with flashing neon lights and funny chinese stylish music... If you ride a bus in hong kong,, it's so similar for roller coaster in disney land... (the traffic pretty wild)... And just walking down the street theres many colours and people and when it turns to night all streets are full of neon lights... So i can call it only disney land...

clock tower

And then... There's so many local foods!! Tried pretty many..i just dunt remember the names of the foods...but  wanna thank Antonio, his mom and all friends and Neko to introduce me for all these lovely dishes!! :D 

chinese chopsticks r really too big dunt u think??

this is shocking the markets there were ducks,chikens with head and pigs legs on sale :O


  1. Hong Kong must be so interesting and special too! It looks so fanatastic and... like Disneyland, as you said. Lights everywhere~

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures on your blog and your nice comment! ~(^_^)~
    Didn't knew that HK looks so bright and colorful! Even the food is shining! ^_~
    I love the picture in your header. I have to read your complete blog, seems really interesting!
    Have a nice day!~ \(^o^)/

  3. hi`i am local of hong kong ,interetesing to know your view of hk`
    !can we be friend ?


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