Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hong Kong Part 2: Lively streets and shopping possibilities

In Hong Kong there's so many cheap clothe stores, shopping malls, markets and so on.. Couldn't shop very much but at least i bought china dress for me finally!I was so surprised they sell all japanese products in hong kong! Japanese clothes, fashion magazines, snacks, foods and so on.. Seems like japan is really popular in there! i was searching some hong kong fashion magazine i wanted to buy.. but i found only japanese ones =_=...

Also there's many shopping centers and malls for these famous and expensive brands,, dior,chanel, etc

Hong Kong's oldest cosmetic brand!
 I was really surprised that the shopping centre were not actually open at 2 pm!! Only few stores were open in a huge shopping centre!! And the shop staff were just doing their make up at 3 pm.... in just opened store... Well the shops open very late,,, didnt discover even the exact time when all the shops would be open in one centre, but at least many shops r open till very late time!! You can keep shopping over 10 pm in jp!!

This shopping centre reminded of 109 little bit.. also they sold many japanese brands, liz lisa, ingi etc

There's so many tall old buildings!!

For transportation, it was really cheap compared to jp! metro (under the water), buses, tram and ship!!

I saw this warning and thought it's funny... then i looked up and saw the big palm leafs and thought it would really hurt actually if they drop on u =_=

This is school!!!!Even it looks like prison..

Really hope i can go back to Hong Kong someday!! Big and interesting city!!! <3


  1. Jotenkin ihan uskomattoman näköistä :DD mahtavaa et oot kuvannut näin paljo ja laittanu tänne blogiinkin ^^/ palmuja ja wonder womaneita :D Kyl poikkeaa japsikulttuurista :D

  2. wonder womanit kuvasin siulle <3 ;)

  3. SALE見ます。Alennukset on vaarallisia. VAARALLISIA! MUt vitsit hei noi KENGÄT. ;__; /me wants! Mee takasin Honkkariin ostaa mulle sellaset!

  4. It is so unbelievable different than european citys... very exotic and interesting.

    Some shops really looks very similar to japenese shops.

    Someday I may travel to Hongkong too.


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