Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ooops.. I've done it again.. ^^; v

I'm not suppose to buy anything.. but just can't recist all this cuteness around me...
I found this Strawberry chocolate lip balm, and it smells super good <3 i'm addicted to it now =_=;
 makes me wanna eat meiji's strawberry chocolate!!
 Then this one i've used before too, it also smell good and is really effective!

Since it's still pretty cold in Japan.. i bought this warm shirt from Alta! It was super cheap!!
And the blue skirt from Forever 21 was only like 350 yen!! Which is like 3,5 euro!! ^^ Happyy~

 In the new place i'm living, there is a lovely bath here!! In my old apartments i never had any so i'm so in love with that!! Bought too many bath soaps!They sell so many kinds of here..Tokyo Hands is best place to buy it!

Also i recently fell in love with this masks <3 It feels super lovely <3 Skin become so smooth!!
Then i bought Marie claire's eyeshadow.. it's super! The can make blush was a bit dissapointing,,,it's not really that pink on the skin...  the lipstick is peach color, so cute!
I got this super cute Chihuahua calender from one of my japanese friend!
  Ahh... I really enjoy the Oshare life in the middle of all this cuteness i can find in Tokyo <3


  1. Ihania ostoksia. <3 Ja onhan siul syytä shoppailla, Suomessa kun ei ole mitään syytä shoppailla. ;) (tämän yritän muistaa jotta Japani säästö kertyy)

  2. hih, tosiaan kannattaa säästää ennen kuin tulee, koska täällä saa rahan aivan varmasti palamaan!! Can't wait et te tuutte tänne <3 Tulkaa jo ens kuus kattoo sakuroita :(

  3. Ihana tyyli sulla! ^-^

    Japanilaiset meikit on rakkautta~ <3 Pitääpi ostaa enskerralla taas kaikkee kivaa sieltä~ :)

  4. kiitoksia ^^

    Todellakin, siis ostan koko ajan kaikkea =_=;
    Liikaa saatavilla.

  5. The skirt has such a wonderful blue! Really strong and cool!

    There are too much cute items in Japan... nobody could resist >_<


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