Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bored of your hair?? Buy a WIG ;D

Ahhh ..want to buy a wig!! These are all so gorgeous, I love Malibu.... Will buy some cute brown bob wig soon <3 but those long ones r super cute too... so hard decisions which one would be the best!!


  1. Oho, pitääköhän sieltä japanista nyt hankkia sitten peruukki :D Tosi hyvän näkösiä.

  2. hih kannattaa, mut vaan aika kalliita jotain 70-90 euroa =_= oikeeta hiusta..

  3. Vois ainakin käydä sovittelemassa ^-^

  4. So wonderful. You can change your style so great with wigs and extensions.

    When it comes to wigs, I use Prisila. They have so cute wigs! Very stylish and great quality.


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