Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ooops.. I've done it again.. ^^; v

I'm not suppose to buy anything.. but just can't recist all this cuteness around me...
I found this Strawberry chocolate lip balm, and it smells super good <3 i'm addicted to it now =_=;
 makes me wanna eat meiji's strawberry chocolate!!
 Then this one i've used before too, it also smell good and is really effective!

Since it's still pretty cold in Japan.. i bought this warm shirt from Alta! It was super cheap!!
And the blue skirt from Forever 21 was only like 350 yen!! Which is like 3,5 euro!! ^^ Happyy~

 In the new place i'm living, there is a lovely bath here!! In my old apartments i never had any so i'm so in love with that!! Bought too many bath soaps!They sell so many kinds of here..Tokyo Hands is best place to buy it!

Also i recently fell in love with this masks <3 It feels super lovely <3 Skin become so smooth!!
Then i bought Marie claire's eyeshadow.. it's super! The can make blush was a bit dissapointing,,,it's not really that pink on the skin...  the lipstick is peach color, so cute!
I got this super cute Chihuahua calender from one of my japanese friend!
  Ahh... I really enjoy the Oshare life in the middle of all this cuteness i can find in Tokyo <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bored of your hair?? Buy a WIG ;D

Ahhh ..want to buy a wig!! These are all so gorgeous, I love Malibu.... Will buy some cute brown bob wig soon <3 but those long ones r super cute too... so hard decisions which one would be the best!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still Alive

Finally got internet in this new apartment im living in!!
So from now on this blog will be updated again ;)

Well,, lately i've been just busy sewing and drawing some ideas...!! Now when Valentine is gone, all the shops in japan are full of pink Sakura products... Actually 14th of february i went to shopping and noticed already all the selves of valentine stuff are empty and staff were filling the emptiness with anything cute and pink sakura related stuff.. One year in Japan goes like that.. First shops r full halloween stuff... much more early than halloween even started, after that shops are full of christmas stuff.... when christmas is over every valentine stuff will replace it... and Next is sakura season....and so on. Well maybe it's same in every country.. but in Japan it's so obivous. Anyway, even my valentine didnt go as expected here r some pictures.
 I've never seen this kind of valentine in Finland... Shops were so grouded of girls buying chocolate stuff....
 Anyway, I love it how big "event" valentine is in Japan, so i made some chocolate and cake too ^^
 ...........And got flowers <3
....And ate some chocolate too <3 lovely.
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