Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome Back to the Most Fashionable Metropolis in the World

I have arrived back to Tokyo...
It's been already one week since i get here.The week went super fast, mostly just meeting friends whole week. Yesterday i went to event called Double heart with Fredrick, Engla, Shiena and Mickey mouse+his friend.. It was held in the club called Morph. Very much nice ppl and cute japanese. Many gyaru and gyaru-o there..i heard 109 staff and egg models go there often. pretty cool club.


"tokyo tower" lol in the morning 6 am..
I've been walking around Shinjuku, Shibuya, checking out final sales...
Cute choco cookies
street near my place

Ichigo milk
Second hand bag

H&M fashion lol
Thats all from today, gotta go to dinner now with my friend.. I'll post some cool street snaps next time ;)


  1. Todella söpö laukku! Tuliko toi ketunhäntä siinä mukana?

    Ja mansikkamaito kuulostaa karmivalta :D

  2. It is really amazing how inspiring tokio is. Just so different and it's like you can wear everything you want.

    I'm not scared to wear Lolita here (for example) but sometimes it's so disturbing to get bad comments and so on.

    I really like your red Outfit! It looks great on you.


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