Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TokYo Street SnaPs

Well... I have so much spare time so i decided to start to post some street snaps of cool&cute japanese I meet. These pictures are taken on Shibuya and Harajuku. 

The girls above were going to this new store in the harajuku street.  
 It's so amazing that in Tokyo,,, u can just wear anything... even the outfit would be very stricktly considered by every details,,, it might look like somebody just has worn all the clothes from one's closet at once... even it might look like that, japanese ppl always manage to do it stylish. they can usually make any clothes looks like top fashion. And I love it.

Well,,, i'll introduce u my recent  favorite Item; The headband(not sure if its that in english lol) from Kappahl... Cost only 3 euro... I thought it has some old hollywood spirit so I fell in love with it. And it kept my head warm whole day, even it's not really cold in Tokyo at the moment.
 Well.. also I know I shouldnt do any shopping now since my visa won't allow me to even work yet.... but I just had to get these Tutuanna's knee socks <3 It was love at first sight...
 Also,,, for studing japanese, i think children books are really helpful... The kanjis super easy...(sometimes books even written only with hiragana...) so I bought from my favorite store Book off, this story about Uguisu Hime. Anyway... Good for study or not... I think children books r super cute <3


  1. The girl in the third picture is so perfect! Punkish but still cute... very nice look!

    I know what you say! It's really like they combine crazy things together and it looks still just cool and great. So scary. In some of that combination I would look so bad, I think... haha.

    Your red headband reminds me of beautiful and elegant ladys in the 50ies and so. I like that.

  2. I loveeeee street snaps <3



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