Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Cute Make Up Stuff

yesterday I were spending much time in my one of the favorite place in Tokyo xD In the department stores make up section....I just love and wanna try all the lovely make up stuff they sell in here!! Well First I love Tsubasa's Dolly Wink series.... Sorry these pictures are from the flyers i took... bit shakey ones..

 This one is my Desired lip gloss of Maquillage!! I have to get it!! It cost a bit much..... but there is so perfect orange colour i will buy as soon as i can save up some money for it... well it cost only bit over 2000 yen though ;) Think i will get it soon!

 Also I found this super cheap and good Can Makes cream cheek blush. I bought the glittery pink one and it's super good.. I just noticed all the japanese girls has these cute pink round cheeks, i mean they make up it same way... so now i'll try to do it myself too xD

. Anyway... Even I love Gyaru make up and anyway the way japanese ppl make up their eyes... I've noticed it really won't work really well on western eyes least my eyes...
I bought some Vogue and agehas from book off.. it's amazing store, you can buy same months new magazines with cheaper price ;D  well i bought some older magazine though, they have cool make up tips.
Well from subject to another,,, I were having a super nice day with my japanese friends... So happy that i can spend whole days already with ppl who speak only japanese.... Can understand almost everything... 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TokYo Street SnaPs

Well... I have so much spare time so i decided to start to post some street snaps of cool&cute japanese I meet. These pictures are taken on Shibuya and Harajuku. 

The girls above were going to this new store in the harajuku street.  
 It's so amazing that in Tokyo,,, u can just wear anything... even the outfit would be very stricktly considered by every details,,, it might look like somebody just has worn all the clothes from one's closet at once... even it might look like that, japanese ppl always manage to do it stylish. they can usually make any clothes looks like top fashion. And I love it.

Well,,, i'll introduce u my recent  favorite Item; The headband(not sure if its that in english lol) from Kappahl... Cost only 3 euro... I thought it has some old hollywood spirit so I fell in love with it. And it kept my head warm whole day, even it's not really cold in Tokyo at the moment.
 Well.. also I know I shouldnt do any shopping now since my visa won't allow me to even work yet.... but I just had to get these Tutuanna's knee socks <3 It was love at first sight...
 Also,,, for studing japanese, i think children books are really helpful... The kanjis super easy...(sometimes books even written only with hiragana...) so I bought from my favorite store Book off, this story about Uguisu Hime. Anyway... Good for study or not... I think children books r super cute <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome Back to the Most Fashionable Metropolis in the World

I have arrived back to Tokyo...
It's been already one week since i get here.The week went super fast, mostly just meeting friends whole week. Yesterday i went to event called Double heart with Fredrick, Engla, Shiena and Mickey mouse+his friend.. It was held in the club called Morph. Very much nice ppl and cute japanese. Many gyaru and gyaru-o there..i heard 109 staff and egg models go there often. pretty cool club.


"tokyo tower" lol in the morning 6 am..
I've been walking around Shinjuku, Shibuya, checking out final sales...
Cute choco cookies
street near my place

Ichigo milk
Second hand bag

H&M fashion lol
Thats all from today, gotta go to dinner now with my friend.. I'll post some cool street snaps next time ;)
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