Thursday, December 16, 2010

When Cherry Blossoms were Blooming

Yesterday when I came back to my family home from my apartment, there were waiting a Christmas present from Japan in my bed. I was so happily surprised finding Peach Johns plastic bag on my bed. It made me super happy, thanks to my dear friend for sending it. I really love Peach&John. It's like japanese version of Victorias secret. Here is link for the home page  The page is in japanese, but here is some information in english too 
Peach and John was founded 1994 by  Mika Noguchi and her (nows) ex-husband Shoji Noguchi. They sell just gorgeous underwear, clothes, and  interior stuff.

Anyway, It's been super cold and so much snow in Finland since november... Makes me dream about next spring..... Winter is well at least not my favorite season... too cold, too many clothes on. I don't like to go out looking like micheline guy...I know it's too early to dream bout spring, but just today I need somehing to make me warm. And what better than lovely memories.

The cutest couple ever in Shinjuku gyouen.
 Since I first time went to Japan 2006, till now I've been running into this couple in a many places around Tokyo. They are always super fashionable when I meet them. I remember I saw them in KERA magazine and Gothic Lolita Bible earlier. Here is a link for the girls Blog, dunno if she's still updating though.

This picture is from Design Festa.

 More Fashionable people in the Yoyogi koean Sakura season.

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  1. Japanese style is just so cool. They combine stuff I would never wear together... and it looks still great and just like fashion.

    That's amazing.

    Since it's winter here at the moment... I can really understand your wish for spring there.


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