Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It UsEd To Be AlL aBoUt HaRaJUkU

I will start to write new blog now. The old one won't be updated anymore. I'll try to write in english, so i wanna apologize already for all the mistakes i'm gonna make =_= since my english is not that good yet.
Silver Fang
Anyway, I was living one year in Tokyo. My purpose was to study japanese in a language school, but i was just mostly getting lost in the neon lights. Why in the world did i fall in love with the most expensive and craziest city in the world... Well.. everything started when i was kid...This dog anime above woke my interest to Japan. So basicly my intrests where like many other japan lovers too, from anime&manga to Visual kei music, street fashion, lolita and other japanese styles.

I just love it that in Tokyo u never know what u gonna see or expirience. and the circles are super big. so many ppl with wicked style. For example some days before i returned to Finland in the Shinjuku Jack Sparrow and Mad hatter cosplayers were just walking around like they would really be actually the characters...

Well, I used to love Harajuku. Sweet home as we called it. (That time I didn't know i'm gonna actually live in Harajuku one day.)  well first time i went to Japan 2006. I saw all the cosplayers and all these wicked styled admirable people, and knew i want to be part of it all. While staying Tokyo I spent most of the time in Harajuku. made friends with the other cosplayers without even speaking japanese. In the Harajuku the atmosphere is most important. Usually same cosplayers go there every sunday (mostly saturdays too) Most of the cosplayers has made the costumes by themself. we gathered up, chat, take pictures together, go to purikura, eat some snacks(usually somebody bring it and gives for all) , and do some free hugs or dance/sing performances. Most of the cosplayers time goes for posing the camreas. Many tourists around the world go to Harajuku and see the cosplayers. So there is all the time somebody asking (or taking secretly) ur pictures. Also in the meiji bridge, there are few old man coming every sunday there to take pictures. they are kind of friends of cosplayers. They take the pictures and next week bring the pictures they have took to the cosplayers....Before i moved to Tokyo for a year, i thought i'm gonna spend every sunday in Harajuku and keep dressing up as a lolita. But actually, i did it only for the first month, then i got intrested with other styles. Tokyo decadance and Dark castle (the cosplayers gothic events) i went for only few months... then new period of clothing and fashion started for me. Still i love the Harajuku culture and fashion though, i wouldn't dress as a lolita anymore and go to pose for the bridge.
I'm sure most of the ppl regonize this place. The cosplayers bridge in Harajuku.
This is pretty much the last times i were wearing lolita. Now this Angelic Prettys dress is in SALE if somebody is interested tell me ;D

Girl with a nice make up in the Tokyo decadance

In the Harajuku there used to be one street full of street performancers every sunday. The bands played next to each others trying to catch passangers to listen their music. But I've heard police has forbid the band street, so nobody is playing there anymore. (But once i saw in the bridge some Visual kei band playing in the night, so perhaps there might be still some)

My favorite Lolitas

Hikaru on the right and other free huggers

 Here is a pictures from famous fashion designer Takuya Angels fashion show:

girl wearing Takuya angel

 When the band street still existed, HITT was performancing in the street. HITT came to Finland recently. He was playing in the last Tsukicon, so i was so surprised he came to Finland too... Since last time i saw him was in 2008 in the street. He has really great voice and he is very funny performancer. In the middle of the show he started to dance with some passerby who was jogging..

This guy with the MASK is actually accessory designer, and keeps the selfmade Harajuku magazine for all the cosplayers in the bridge.

These people has an interesting life stories and personalities. Many of my friends has been asking why these ppl are cosplaying in the harajuku. Maybe big reason for many of these cosplayers to go to meiji bridge is to escape for reality for a while and be somebody else. Get the attention and show their creativity. Meet the friends.Some of my cosplayer friends are already 27 years old. still  many of these cosplayers are really young.It's been always a bit mysterious for me, that who are these ppl the rest of the weekdays...
Anyway even i used to dream to live in harajuku.... i dun't really recommend to move there.... The place is super crowded always.......Ofcourse weekend is the most crowded time. But when takeshita street used to be my nearest way to the station from my home, it took much time to get to station even in the monday.... Always not busy ppl shopping and enjoying harajuku on the takeshita street. So if u are in a hurry for school or work.... better to save much time for going to station...When i first moved there i was just happy and  thinking how wonderful it is to live in harajuku. Very soon i understood,,, it is only better to visit there...
This is the Takeshita street on sunday


  1. hehehe yes, it is not a good idea move to Harajuku, is better only for visit. Kata, don't you like lolita style anymore??? and you are selling all your dresses, why?? we need to go to cosplay again together in Harajuku, don't sell everything hahahaha well, you can always make a new one :P

  2. you´re Blog is really interesting! I had to follow you :D
    Now i will continue reading your blog :)

  3. I started following your blog a while ago. I read all the new entrys you made and was always very interested in your life and the things you write.

    I'm at my work now and today it's like one day after the world exploded or something like that. Nobody is here... I've still 7 hours I have to stay at my workplace... so I decided to read your blog from the start to the current entrys.

    (I'm sorry, my english is not so good...)

    First of all: I haven't known that you have worn Lolita too! I wear it but not soooo often.
    You was a very pretty Lolita but you're current style is very very cute too.

    It was the same for me. I watched Anime while I was a child. Then I started slowly with the music and style.

    I can imagine that it wasn't easy to live in Harajuku. But somehow it must be very cool, when you think about it today. Like you wanted to live there and you did it. Even if it wasn't that perfect in the end. You reached a goal you had. That's always great.

    Your life there was very interesting for sure. Really lucky that you were able to go there, stay there and feel their way of life.
    Oh... so hard to tell in english, what I think!

  4. Thank you for interesting blog =^.^=


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