Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because I've Met You, I'm The Happiest Girl in the World

I'm getting ready for returning back to Tokyo. I will leave after 4 weeks. I used to study in a language school called ISI. It was really good one, but the school fee increase starting from 2011. I started studing japanese from beginningers, and almost got in to JLPT2 level...(only if i didnt have to return finland for a few months) Here is link for ISIs home page: Because i already used a fortune for studing and living in tokyo for a year,now i will go for another school which is cheaper.

 Ok here is a small summary of the last great year spent in tokyo.
My dear friends after party, chinese classmates and Tokyo view from Mode Gakuin school

My old chinese,korean,swedish and spanish classmates in ISI language school.

My first apartment in tokyo. It was guest house in Sangubashi station. very nice location, could walk to harajuku easily through the yoyogi koen.
And more paaaaaaateeeeiiiiiiiii

My small memoryfull room in harajuku, almost got astma from there... and My good spanish friend Ana.

Sakura leafs
My mobile

My part time job family, sumidagawa Hanabi and travel to Nikko
My kind of host  family

Harajuku life


  1. kataaaa i did'nt know you made a blog ^^ hehe i like it, and you put some pictures with me T_T i was so touched... i almost cry when i see the one which you wrote, "with my good spanish friend Ana" in that picture i'm burning myself with the food hahaha i think maybe it was gyoza :P and the other one with all the ppl in class, ^^ i hope i can go to japan again maybe next year or when i finish my thesis and i hope we can meet soon, i miss you.
    kisses from Spain and Merry christmas.
    i remembered last year when we were decorating the class with the paper flowers and origami hehehe it was fun. i hope you enjoy your holidays in Finland.

  2. Heyyy Ana!Aww,I miss you too. Last christmas season was super nice in Japan. Remember we went to have Gold stone Ice cream with sofia in the Shinjuku station??That was so nice too. And the Schools christmas party. let me know when you are coming to japan, i will probably be there so we can meet!
    Merry christmas for you too!!

  3. ey Kata, yes i remember that ice cream haha i want another one just right now mmmmm, yes yes when i go back to japan i will definitely tell you hahah maybe i can stay with you next time :P and sure you will be a pro with japanese now or maybe next time we meet. I didn't study any japanese since last year T_T, was imposible, i have the chance this january but i'm working just the same days that the lessons are so it is imposible, maybe by myself i can study something but is more difficult because if you don't have to do it then is more difficult to open the book hahaha.

  4. How happened this with your knees?

    It all looks so nice... you have seen so much. That's really great. And so many friends...


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